What matters to us

„We make markets work“ is our common goal. To achieve it, we act in line with the following principles: client focus, dedication, innovation and integrity. Those are the aspects that shape our business and are of strategic importance for us..

Client focus is core for our actions
We deliver excellent services and products. We develop strong and sustainable relationships.

Dedication drives our business
We are committed to our company and goals. We work across boundaries to make it happen.

Innovation shapes our industry
We challenge the industry. We search for opportunities by leveraging our businesses.

Integrity is the basis for our relationships
We act honestly and take personal responsibility. We promote the efficiency, transparency and safety of the market.

Become part of our mission and support us with your ideas and know-how – we offer great opportunities!

People Principles

Respect, teamwork, recognition, results orientation, customer focus – these are the five principles of Deutsche Börse Group. Developed by staff members, supported by the highest management level and applied throughout the firm, they form the basis of our professional collaboration. The People Principles are designed to shape our corporate culture and form the image of Deutsche Börse Group as an innovative company with committed employees that ensures transparency and integrity across the capital markets. .

We value the diversity of our global team and we consider the perspectives of others. We are professionals with a personal touch. We welcome colleagues in all locations regardless of their position or business background. We are conscious of the impact of our behaviour on others.

Collaboration across Deutsche Börse Group boosts and enhances our unique business model. We share know-how proactively and support others within and across teams. We seek and appreciate other people’s contributions and we respond to their requests.

We are sincere in how we express appreciation for the efforts and achievements of others. We are committed to giving and receiving fair and honest feedback as we learn and improve. Our tone is constructive and respectful and we encourage continuous development for people at all levels. 

Results orientation
We get the job done. We deliver products and services of outstanding quality. We set clear targets, empower our people to take responsibility and deal with upcoming issues. We are open to new ideas and move quickly and effectively to realise the benefits for all.

Customer focus
Our success depends on satisfying our customers. We develop our products with their current and future needs in mind. We are their partners in achieving success in increasingly complex markets. We know them well, listen closely and are proud to add value to their businesses.