Five questions for Tibor Szabo

Why did you decide to join Deutsche Börse Group?
Deutsche Börse was in the process of opening a new office in Prague in 2006. Some clever people told me start-ups were always special. They were right. It was a unique opportunity to follow all the small steps from a very small group of professionals to the state where we are now. Looking back, I must say this was a perfect moment to join.

Please describe your professional career at Deutsche Börse Group.
I started as a developer in the Clearstream Settlement team. After couple of years I also took on responsibility for people management and was appointed Head of Unit in the Settlement & Connectivity team here in Prague.

How would you describe your current job?
Our job on the IT development side is to ensure the Clearstream IT systems are always up and running and provide our customers the service they expect. What this means exactly is we split our time between support of the existing system - addressing various production queries and resolving any non-standard situations - and designing a new system to react to requests from our business colleagues.

How does Deutsche Börse Group ensure a suitable work-life-balance?
The home office initiative is a nice example with great potential. It is not a very common benefit here in the Czech Republic. This gives us an additional level of flexibility and can save travelling time we can then spend with our families or on hobbies.

Why did you consider Deutsche Börse Group an employer of choice?
I like the international character of the Group. We have some 15 nationalities in our office now. This global aspect helps us to bring different perspectives to our day-to-day problems. We can really learn a lot from each other.