Six questions for Sebastian Burger

Why did you decide to join Deutsche Börse Group?
I have always been fascinated by the world of finance, and especially the stock market. When I was at school, I won a competition where the prize was a tour of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Deutsche Börse with all its interesting job advertisements was my first port of call after I finished my degree in IT. The combination of IT and finance makes for both interesting and exciting Tasks.

Please describe your first working day at Deutsche Börse.
On my first day I was shown around and met my colleagues. Then I was given a brief insight into the team's responsibilities and told about the training sessions included in my induction. So even my very first day was informative and interesting.

What does your job entail?
My responsibilities currently comprise a lot of smaller development and software testing tasks. For instance, I'm expanding an existing converter tool that converts binary data sets into a readable format. A binary data set for whole day is about 20 GB in size. If you're only interested in a certain time period or certain type of news, you still have to convert the whole data set. My job at the moment is to implement filter functions that enable users to convert only the data they want.

How relevant is what you studied to the job you now do?
My degree provided me with the necessary knowledge of software development and testing. I have been able to build on this knowledge through my work and improve my skills in these areas.

How would you describe the working Environment at Deutsche Börse Group?
I would describe it as very pleasant. My new colleagues made me feel welcome in the team. Everyone is very friendly to one another. If you have any questions, you don't have to worry about asking – they are happy to answer them.

How do you think applicants can best prepare for their job interview?
They should research Deutsche Börse as much as possible and think in advance about what they want to know about the job or the company in general. It makes a good impression if you take an interest and ask questions.