Four questions for André Schwarz

Why did you choose Deutsche Börse Group for your traineeship/apprenticeship?
The stock exchange has a major influence on our daily lives, but in my opinion, we don't know enough about how it works. That's why I see my traineeship at Deutsche Börse Group as a chance to look behind the scenes at one of the largest international stock exchange organisations in the world and gain an insight into the complexity and variety of its business.
It was also important to me to be part of an innovative and international company.
If I decide to go to university after my traineeship, there are often opportunities to keep working as a student assistant at the company and use the skills you've learnt.

What was your first day at Deutsche Börse like and how did you feel?
My first day at work started with breakfast and a tour of the trading floor at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – the beginning of a two-week induction period. Of course I was very nervous, but that didn't last long because the atmosphere with the trainers and other trainees was very friendly and relaxed from the very start.
I was also warmly welcomed by the whole team on my first day in my first training department “Member/Vendor Services & Admission Trading”; they explained the systems and different jobs to me very clearly. I soon had my own small “projects”.

Please describe a typical working day in your current department.
I have been assisting in the HR department to the best of my ability for about a week now. So far I have mostly been recording applications, sending letters and confirmations of receipt to the applicants and taking telephone calls. I will be learning some new tasks in the next few days and will then assume responsibility for them.

How are the study blocks at vocational school spent and how would you describe the learning environment there?
I like the combination of blocks in the training departments here and at college; we can concentrate fully on either work or study and don't have to plan our vacations during the school breaks.