Seven questions for Füsun Temur

What makes Deutsche Börse Group an attractive employer?
In my eyes, Deutsche Börse Group successfully combines a lot of different aspects to create an attractive working climate. We have skilled managers who strive to maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere in the team, which in turn makes for a positive working environment. And employees with families benefit from particularly family-friendly conditions. New staff are always allocated a mentor to help them get started, expand their own network and exchange knowledge. There are also various training opportunities available, where you can learn something new, and not only from your own area of work.

Please describe your career path at Deutsche Börse Group.
I started at the Group in July 2011. I have been in the Clearing Supervision department since the beginning, and provide client support for functional matters associated with our trading and clearing systems. Various tasks and projects have been added to my usual daily work over the years, which enable me to work closely together with colleagues from other departments and learn new subject areas. I am also responsible for the students in our team. I mentor them from their interview right through to the completion of their internship or student job.

What does your job entail?
I am part of the “Clearing Data Control” team. We are responsible for central master data maintenance for Deutsche Börse Group's electronic trading and clearing systems. Our function in the company brings us into close contact with clients and colleagues from other departments. We are “First Level Support” for queries and problems and try to enable our clients a smooth trading experience at all times..

What skills have you gained or developed?
Most of all, the close contact with clients and colleagues has taught me how to approach people, listen to them and analyse problems carefully. I find it easier to recognise certain traits, develop closer relationships and, in that way, to avoid conflicts before they arise.

How would you describe the working environment at Deutsche Börse Group?
I would say that the atmosphere at Deutsche Börse Group is harmonious and respectful. The mood is always positive and relaxed, which facilitates professional collaboration and makes the working day very pleasant for everyone.

What tips would you give to someone for having a successful start at Deutsche Börse Group?
Be as natural as possible, but don't forget why you're here. The first impression someone makes is often also the lasting impression, so you should try to be friendly and positive. Most of all, let your colleagues explain your tasks and discuss anything that's unclear straight away.

How does the Group ensure work/life balance?
Deutsche Börse Group offers its staff various working time models to enable balance between work and free time. Staff benefit most of all from the options of flexi-time and working from home. This flexibility is a great relief for parents in particular.
There are also various training courses and workshops on offer which employees can use to balance their working day with exercise.