Seven questions for Elisabeth Schönauer

What makes Deutsche Börse Group an attractive employer?
Both the daily work with friendly, helpful colleagues, and the workplace itself – the canteen and gym, for example, give a real sense of being well looked after. The further training opportunities offered by the Group also make it very attractive as an employer.

Please describe your career path at Deutsche Börse Group.
I started a six-month internship at Clearstream in January 2011. I really enjoyed my time there and the work they assigned to me. Because I was still a student, I then carried on working for Clearstream part-time. When I graduated, I wanted to stay at Clearstream for various reasons, such as: I already knew the team and liked working with my colleagues and the experience and insights I had gained during my year in the accounting team had given me an appetite for more. I also enjoy working in an international environment and like the good atmosphere at Clearstream.

What does your job entail?
Every working day is different. Of course there are tasks that are repeated every month, such as monthly invoicing and the pre- and post-processing that involves. Monthly invoicing usually takes place in the first three working days of the month. The billing process includes individual checks and monitoring measures and I am responsible for all stages of the Vestima and hedge fund invoicing. Vestima is a Clearstream product for our business area, Investment Funds Services.
During the rest of the month, I try to get involved in project work. This isn't always easy, as there are often a lot of queries from the departments about invoices, price calculations, etc., which sometimes require time-consuming research in order to answer. I am also responsible for making changes in the system, for example, if the price for a certain product changes or a new product is added, I enter it into our system.
There are also always workflow descriptions that need updating or complete restructuring.
All in all, my work is very varied and constantly presents new challenges.

What skills have you gained or developed?
The international environment has helped to improve my language skills, in particular. But also working in a team, coordinating and filling in for each other where possible is always a new challenge. Not forgetting project work, which requires constant willingness to learn something new.

How would you describe the working environment at Deutsche Börse Group?
I'm afraid I can only speak for the working atmosphere in Luxembourg. It has a very international flavour, which I like a lot. It is also interesting to see how colleagues with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities have different approaches to solutions. This not only makes the working day varied, but also increases our awareness and makes for respectful and tolerant relationships between colleagues.

What tips would you give to someone for having a successful start at Deutsche Börse Group?
Based on my own experience, I can only advise that you always ask questions when something is unclear and not be afraid to do so. In general, you should also have a good idea of what area you would like to work in, so that you can show your employer 100% commitment and Motivation.

How does the Group ensure work/life balance?
We can combine our working and personal lives better through flexible working hours, and there are other options for relieving working pressure in different life situations.